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  • Our Adoption Journey

    Adoption is as much a miracle as birth itself.

    Bryon and I started out on our adoption journey in June of 2008. We chose to go the route of adoption when we discovered that I could not biologically conceive a child. For us, parenting and loving a child was and is more important than a biological connection.  

    We started looking around for information on adoption and realized that we first needed to have a home study done. I found a link with information about adoption home studies and entered our information. Adoption Makes Family called us that day! We then made an appointment to go in and meet with Dr. Kirschner so we could get a better understanding about the adoption process. After meeting with him, we quickly realized that this was the agency we wanted to work with to do our adoption.  We started on our paper work and dear birthmother book that day.

    We had always dreamed of becoming parents. We have worked hard and have learned a great deal in life.  We know that in life it is a very rare thing to be able to make a single decision that will have such a powerful and positive impact on us and others.   The decision to adopt did just that.

    There were many ups and downs that went along with this journey and some times it became a little discouraging.  We understood the struggles a birth parent experiences and that sometimes birth parents decide to parent their child rather than create an adoption plan.   We had a few situations where the birth parent decided to parent her child. We understood and supported her plan.   But we still had faith we would become parents. 

    So you can only imagine our excitement when after only a little over a year we learned that we had been matched with a birth mother! We were absolutely ecstatic! We were lucky to have been able to meet our son’s birthparents and get to know so much about them.  We took notes and learned so much so when he does ask about his birth parents we will be able to tell him everything we know.

    Our birthmother was 5 months along when we met her and the next 4 months seemed like they lasted forever. We held onto the memories of meeting the birth parents for dinner, sharing time together and getting to know each other.  It was amazing to know that we were going to be joined together through an adoption.

    Finally the big day came. Our son was going to be born! To say we were excited doesn’t even begin to describe the emotions we were going through that day. We packed up the car that morning and set off on our 2 ½ hour trip down to southern Maryland where he was being born. The trip seemed to take forever.  We were able to spend the whole day with our birthparents. To my surprise, I was able to be in the delivery room when our son was born! What an experience that was! To be with our son and his birth mother  at the start of his life was such an amazing way for our family to start.  That is a forever memory that still puts a lump in my throat. We stayed down there for 2 days until we were able to bring our baby home with us.

    Adopting through Adoption Makes Family was a fantastic experience and one we can’t wait to do again! Dr. Kirschner was there for us from the beginning of our process through the day we brought our son home and beyond. Thank you Adoptino Makes Family.  Here we go again!

  • Welcome to Libby’s Corner!

    I am Dean Kirschner.  Why “Libby’s Corner?” This blog, actually, all of Adoption Makes Family, is a tribute to my mother who brought adoption to our family in 1956 when my older sister was adopted. When my mother died in 1967, she left a legacy of love for children that transcended any biological connection. Having been only 8 years old at the time of her death, I do not  recall hearing specific words about adoption from my mother. However, through the years, having many conversations with
    her friends and our family, I have learned so much about my mother’s feelings toward children, toward adoption.

    Personally, the experience of adoption has been in my life since my own birth. I’m the little brother. Adoption was never a big deal in our family. We were all treated the same. Biologically conceived by our parents or adopted, there was never a sense for me that we were loved any differently.

    I remember at my first home study meeting in preparation to adopt my first son. The social worker asked if I had any personal experience with adoption. My first reaction was a sense of connection. I lived with adoption all my life. I embrace adoption. I am the father of two boys. Every day I realize how much I love my sons. I laugh with my sons. I play with my sons. I parent my sons. Some days there are frustrations. More days, there are fun and joyful times with my sons. Some days, I have had to be a disciplinarian. More days, I am the supporter, the advocate, the fixer, the helper, the confidant, the teacher, the guide, the safety net, the protector. To sum it up, I’m Dad.

    My sons are adopted. We don’t hold that term as a distinction of difference. We celebrate adoption as a means by which I became Dad and they became my children. When I introduce my sons, I introduce them as my sons. Introduce my sister as my sister. The stories of how we became a family are
    amazingly wonderful. We share our adoption stories proudly. The adoption stories speak to the excitement of becoming a sister, a brother, a son, a grandson, a cousin, a nephew.

    I have spoken with my sister and my sons about their feelings about their birth parents and the adoption. No one has forgotten that they were adopted, because adoption is an open conversation in our family. However, there is no angst about adoption. We answer questions honestly and allowcomplete and open discussions about birth parents and their adoption story. There are no mysteries or secrets. There are stories of love, excitemen and family.

    As for how we get along as siblings, my sister and I have our disagreements. More often, we have our agreements. We have fought, loved, laughed, played. We are just normal siblings. I don’t feel adoption plays into our relationship. We have had wonderful discussions about adoption and birth parents. However, when it comes down to just being brother and sister, we are just that. Brother and sister. My sister has actively reached out and chatted with birth mothers who have created an adoption plan with Adoption Makes Family.

    My sons have the same type of relationship. They love like brothers. They fight like brothers. They protect each other and look out for each other. They are not biologically related. They are related through adoption. But, above all, they are brothers.

    And so, I turn back to my mother, Libby. I learned from my mother the unconditional love for children. Starting in her own little corner of our family, she shaped me, my sister, my sons and our world. Hopefully, this blog, Libby’s Corner, can do the same for you.

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