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Adoptive Parents FAQ's

1. Why should I choose Adoption Makes Family?

Adoption Makes Family offers a personal touch that you won’t find at large adoption agencies. You will speak to the same person every time you call, not be transferred from department to department. Adoption Makes Family is a licensed, non-profit agency that works with both birth and adoptive parents, so we can carefully match each baby with the best family.

2. Are both OPEN and CLOSED adoptions available?

Yes, open and closed adoptions are available. A closed adoption means we will protect your anonymity. Open adoption means that information may be shared between birth and adoptive parents. The degree of openness depends on the birth and adoptive parents’ wishes. In an open adoption, adopitve families send letters and pictures to the Agency to be forwarded to the birth parents. Birth parents may also send letters and pictures to be forwarded to the adoptive family.

3. Can Adoption Makes Family do our home study?

Yes, Adoption Makes Family is licensed to do home studies for domestic and foreign adoptions and has been doing so since 2006. The home study social workers have been doing home studies since 1995. We approach our home studies with the philosophy of screening families in, rather than out, of the adoption process.

4. How much does an adoption cost?

The cost of an adoption varies depending upon the circumstances of the adoption. For example, medical expenses are usually paid for by the adoptive family when the birth mother doesn’t have insurance. Legal expenses are also be paid for by the adoptive family. The placement fee for the adoption is based on a sliding scale. You may contact Adoption Makes Family to learn where you are on the sliding scale.

5. How do you match your adoptive families with your babies?

When a birth parent requests to be involved in the adoptive parent selection process, the birth parent reviews prospective families’ profiles. Some birth mothers and birth fathers may want to meet the potential adoptive family before making a decision. If you are selected by the birth parents, we will provide you with the birth parent and baby information so that you can determine whether you want to continue the process.

6. What type of information will I receive about the birth parents?

You will receive medical and non-identifying personal information provided to us by the birth parents so that you can determine if the match is right for you and your family.

7. Can birth parents receive any compensation for the adoption of a child?

That depends upon the state where the adoption occurs. In Maryland, only medical and legal expenses can be paid for by the adoptive family on behalf of the birth parents. It is unlawful for birth parents to receive any compensation, either financial or “in kind” for the adoption of a baby.

8. How long do the birth parents have to change their minds?

Birth parent(s) have 30 days after signing the consent to adoption to change their mind. After the 30 period, the consent cannot be revoked.

9. Do both birth parents have to consent to the adoption?

Yes, both the birth mother and the birth father must agree to place the child for adoption. If a birth parent is under the age of 18, he or she must have legal representation to execute a consent for adoption. If the birth father cannot be identifed or cannot be located, there are processes that can be undertaken to assist the birth mother in creating an adoption plan for the baby.

Adoption Makes Family is for the adoptive family as well, providing adoption services to a family choosing to embark on their own adoption journey. Adoption Makes Family is located just north of Baltimore, Maryland, serving birth parents throughout the state and adoptive families across the country.
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Adoption Makes Family was founded to meet the needs of birth parents and adoptive parents in a manner that is sensitive, compassionate, and personal. We are a non-profit (501-C3), licensed adoption agency based in Maryland. Our highly trained staff is prepared to meet the needs of birth parents and adoptive parents, as well as children in need of a loving home.
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