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At What Age Can You Adopt in Maryland?

Growing your family is an exciting prospect and adoption is an excellent way to accomplish your goals. So, it’s no wonder that so many young, hopeful parents ask the same question. At what age can you adopt in Maryland? Is there a minimum age requirement? Is there a maximum age limit? We answer these questions below, as well as outline the steps you need to take to begin your adoption journey.

At What Age Can You Adopt in Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, the minimum age a parent must be to adopt a child is 21. However, here are at Adoption Makes Family, we set our minimum age at 25. And while there is no maximum age limit, per say, if a prospective parent is over the age of 60, the local department will evaluate and document the individual’s ability to care for a child or children.

Are There Other Requirements Besides Age?

After answering the question “At what age can you adopt in Maryland,” what are some of the other requirements for adoption?

  • What about marital status? The court cannot deny a petition just because an individual is single. Meanwhile, married persons must act jointly unless legally separated 
  • What about sexual orientation? Same sex couple may adopt in Maryland. Adoption Makes Family is proud of our commitment to helping every loving couple realize their dream of parenthood. We believe that every child needs unconditional love.
  • What about finances? You must prove you are financially capable of adopting and raising a child. Here in Maryland, the average cost of adoption ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 and varies depending upon the circumstances of the adoption. And then there are the normal costs associated with raising a child.
  • What about citizenship? If you are considering a domestic adoption, you don’t have to be a U.S. citizen, but must be a legal resident in the country.
  • What about training? Families must complete a minimum of 27 hours of training.
  • What about screening? All hopeful adoptive families must undergo a home study. A social worker will visit the family’s home, interview family members and their references, as well as review the family’s financial history, to assess their suitability for adoption.
  • What about criminal history? It depends on the nature of the crime. If the crime was violent or involved a minor (child under the age of 18), it is unlikely that a person would meet Maryland adoption qualifications.

How to Get Started!

The journey of adoption may seem daunting and surreal. However, rest assured. You are not alone. If you are considering adoption, Adoption Makes Family is here to help! We are a non-profit (501-C3) licensed adoption agency based in Maryland. The professionals at Adoption Makes Family have many years of experience in adoption services, helping couples and singles explore their options for creating or growing their family. Each social worker is highly trained and experienced to assist prospective adoptive parents, providing counseling, adoption education and placement services. We are prepared to meet your adoption needs in a personal, compassionate and professional manner.

The adoption process begins with a telephone call to one of our staff who will advise you on the steps necessary. Both an Application and Home Study are required to begin the adoption process.

24-Hour Hotline 410-683-2100

Our primary goal is to help you through the process, making it more manageable and a reality. Prospective adoptive parents can expect our dedicated professionals to guide them through the process of exploring adoption, fulfilling the requirements necessary for adoption, and beginning their adoption search.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone at 410-683-2100, by e-mail at or use our online contact form.

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