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Why Choose a Local Maryland Adoption Agency

Girl sitting at a table and holding phone while looking sadly out the window.When unexpected pregnancies occur, birth mothers have a million and one things running through their heads. Can I handle this? Do I want to terminate the pregnancy? Is adoption the right choice? What should I do?!

If a birth mother chooses to create an adoption plan, the next biggest decision she will have to make is which adoption agency she will work with. And we are here to tell you that working with a local adoption agency really has its benefits.

Benefits of Working with a Local Adoption Agency in Maryland

“If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, there are lots of agencies to choose from all over the country,” says Jessie McNaughton, Family Connections, Inc. “Working with a small, local adoption agency rather than a large out-of-state agency has many benefits.” 

  • State Laws: Local Maryland agencies are licensed and reviewed annually by the state government. This also means that local agencies are intimately familiar with state laws. A larger, national adoption agency might not be as familiar with Maryland adoption laws.
  • Constant Involvement: When working with a local agency, they are involved in the process from the first phone call to the adoption and beyond. This also means you are able to meet your adoption counselor in person and maintain consistent face-to-face meetings or counseling sessions.
  • Meeting the Adoptive Family: Birth parents may want to have some say in who adopts their child. And choosing a local adoption agency allows you to do this on a much more intimate level. Local agencies are able to screen adoptive parents themselves, using both a detailed Application and Home Study. This allows for more carefully and effectively matched birth and adoptive parents. This also allows birth parents to meet potential adoptive parents fact-to-face.
  • Close Proximity: Local adoption agencies typically serve a specific geographic location, such as a particular county, state or region, meaning your child remains close. “In an open adoption, this makes visits easier,” says McNaughton. “Depending on what level of openness you desire in the adoption, this can be fantastic. Placing your child with a family a town, a county, or a short drive away can provide you with peace of mind.” Even if you decide on a closed adoption, it is nice to choose a local family, explains Dean Kirschner, Ph.D., LCSW-C. “What if you decide at some point to meet the family and the child later in life? There is a better chance of that if the family is local or closer.”

Adoption Makes Family, a Local Adoption Agency in Maryland

The adoption specialists at Adoption Makes Family are here to help you explore your feelings and answer any questions you may have. We are a non-profit (501-C3) licensed adoption agency based in Maryland. Our experienced professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and counsel you so that you make the best decisions for your future. We simply want what is best for you and your baby, whatever outcome that may be. Adoption Makes Family was founded to meet the needs of birth parents and adoptive parents in a manner that is sensitive, compassionate, and personal.

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