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Creative Ways to Announce Your Adoption

announce your adoption

Is there a new pair of feet under that blanket?

Adoption can be a very emotional time. For some families, they prefer not to announce their adoption until their child is securely in their home. For others, they are excited to let friends and family know as soon as possible so that they can offer emotional support throughout the adoption process. Whenever you decide to announce your adoption, there are several fun ways you can go about it! Here are a few ideas for your adoption announcement.

Involve the Pets

Do you have cats or dogs? They’re probably excited to get a new family member! You can put a sign in front of your dog that says “Waiting for my new best friend” if you decide to announce early. If you decide to wait to announce your adoption, you can take a snapshot of your child with the family pet and a sign that reads “Hey, I’m adopted, too!” A good idea for families with cats is to let your cat fall asleep with a pair of baby booties or with your child, then snap an adorable picture.

Involve Siblings

Do you have children who are excited to welcome a new sibling to the family? You can get them involved by doing a photoshoot where they all wear shirts that say “big brother” or “big sister”. Or, you can have them line up and take a picture of their feet next to their new sibling’s feet.

Make an Announcement in Your Holiday Letter

Do you send a letter out every holiday to give your family updates? Your plans to adopt are definitely worth including. You can briefly let your family members know that you are in the process of adopting a child and to come to you with questions. You can even include your cute adoption announcement picture as your holiday photo!

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