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Simply Spectacular Saturday

We had an amazing time at the annual picnic today.  By every account, it was Simply Spectacular.

It is so wonderful to see all of the families, watching our children grow and having a great time swapping stories about the past year.  I enjoy seeing the families who have adopted in the past as they welcome the new families into our FAMILY.

Each year, I nervously plan the picnic, hoping that all of our families will be able to make it. excited to see everyone who comes.  It is such an honor to have so many families come back every year, sharing stories and celebrating their family.  It is great that families love it so much that they bring parents and grandparents to share in the joy of family.

As I walked around, I heard families share birth parent stories.  So many enjoy telling the story of how they came to adopt.  Many are looking forward to either their first or a repeated visit with the birth mother of their child.

Looking around at the picnic, I am so proud of our diversity.  We have every type of family composition.  We celebrate all families, every race, every sexual orientation, all ages.  Some have siblings, some are hopeful for siblings, some celebrating the one light of their life.  Together, we make one amazing family and it surely was one Simply Spectacular Saturday.

Again, I thank each and every one of you who came.  This one day is my Christmas morning and you each make it happen!

So much love,


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