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What Factors Go into Creating an Adoption Plan for an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Creating an Adoption Plan

Creating an adoption plan gives you the opportunity to pursue your future goals and, perhaps most importantly, it provides your child with a family.

An unplanned pregnancy can be a tough time filled with confusion and uncertainty. There are probably a million questions running through your head. How did this happen? What do I do next? Am I ready to be a parent? Can I even support a child? Where can I turn for help?

You are not alone. Adoption Makes Family is here to help!

24-Hour Pregnancy Hotline 410-683-2100

Our hotline operates 24/7, so you have someone to talk to for support and to explore your options. Our caring and compassionate counselors provide a confidential, safe, and non-judgmental environment in which to explore your thoughts and feelings.  We are here to help you as you consider what option what will be the best for you and your baby.

If you decide that adoption is the right choice for you, we are here to help you create an adoption plan, step by step. Our Birth Parent Resource Guide is also a great source of information to help inform you on your journey.

Creating an Adoption Plan following an Unplanned Pregnancy

Creating an adoption plan can be a wonderful choice for both you and your child. It gives you the opportunity to pursue your future goals without much interruption and, perhaps most importantly, it provides your child with A Family who is highly screened as well as emotionally and financially prepared to raise a child. An adoption plan also allows you the opportunity to meet potential adoptive families in person and choose which family is best for your child.

  1. Getting to Know the Birth Mother: To help us get to know you a bit better, we will send you a comprehensive questionnaire either by email or mail in a confidential envelope. This packet helps us better understand your wants and needs and allows us to better identify the best potential adoptive parents.
  2. Face-to-Face Meeting: Next, you will meet with an adoption counselor, as well as Dr. Dean Kirschner, the Executive Director of Adoption Makes Family. At this meeting we will discuss your decision in-depth in a non-judgmental and supportive environment and we can even start to review adoptive parent profiles, if you wish.
  3. Meet Prospective Adoptive Parents: If you so desire, you can meet prospective adoptive parents.
  4. The Birth: When the baby is born, Adoption Makes Family will be there to support you and help you with the next stage of your adoption plan. At this point, the formal legal paper work for the adoption process is started, if you decide to move forward.
  5. Continued Relationship: If you decide to move forward, and once you have decided you are ready to leave the hospital, the baby will be discharged to Adoption Makes Family and the adoptive family. But your relationship with Adoption Makes Family does not end there.  We remain available to be supportive of you whenever you need.  Counseling is available to you through our professional counselors.
  6. Openness in Adoption: You decide on the level of openness you would like in your adoption plan.  You can receive letters and pictures from the adoptive family throughout your child’s life.

The adoption plan is an evolving process that will grow through the years and Adoption Makes Family is here to help guide you throughout your journey.

Who is Adoption Makes Family?

Adoption Makes Family is a non-profit adoption agency with a mission to assist you – at no fee – in creating an adoption plan that meets your needs and the needs of your child. We are a licensed, non-profit agency monitored by the Maryland State Department of Human Resources and we offer a personal touch that you won’t find at large adoption agencies. Our licensed, trained social workers and adoption counselors are available to you to help you before, during and after the adoption of your child.

If you have any questions about Creating an Adoption Plan following an unplanned pregnancy, please call Adoption Makes Family at 410-683-2100. You can also contact us by e-mail – or use our online contact form.

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