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Benefits of a Local Maryland Adoption Agency

A close up shot of a person's arms typing on a laptop. There's a notebook and pen sitting next to them.When it comes time to choose an adoption agency, you have a lot of options. “There are lots of agencies to choose from all over the country,” says Jessie McNaughton, Family Connections, Inc. So, how do you know which agency is best for you and your child? Do you choose a local Maryland adoption agency, or do you go with a larger national agency? Research!

Researching Adoption Agencies

“The most common question I receive from prospective adoptive parents is: ‘How do I know if an agency is the right one for me?’” explains Chuck Johnson, President and CEO of the National Council For Adoption. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose a licensed adoption agency.
  2. Choose an experienced agency – are staff adequately trained, with years of experience?
  3. Choose an agency that respects both adoptive and birth parents.
  4. Choose an agency that offers counseling services – pre- and post-placement.
  5. Choose an agency with a proven track record.
  6. Choose an agency that is responsive – are they quick to respond?
  7. Choose an agency that openly and honestly answers your questions.
  8. Choose an agency that you are comfortable with.

“A good adoption agency’s job is to counsel you in your decision,” says Johnson.

Benefits of Working with a Local Maryland Adoption Agency

“Working with a small, local adoption agency rather than a large out-of-state agency has many benefits,” says McNaughton. These include:

Regular Involvement

When working with a local Maryland adoption agency, they are involved in the process from the first phone call to the adoption and beyond. This also means you are able to meet your adoption counselor in person and maintain consistent face-to-face meetings or counseling sessions before and after placement. This type of intimate relationship is not available when working with a large national agency.

Open Adoption Benefits

“Perhaps the most important thing to consider when envisioning your child’s life is where you fit,” says Haley Kirkpatrick, birth mother and contributor. “Do you see yourself directly involved in his or her life? Do you speak on the phone regularly? Do you only communicate through letters? Do you even communicate at all?”

If you plan to remain involved in your child’s life, working with a local Maryland adoption agency is best. These local agencies typically serve a specific geographic location, meaning your child remains close. “In an open adoption, this makes visits easier,” says McNaughton. “Depending on what level of openness you desire in the adoption, this can be fantastic. Placing your child with a family a town, a county, or a short drive away can provide you with peace of mind.” 

Conversely, if the child and adoptive parents go to another state far away, this makes the open relationship more difficult, says Anita Stevens, Family Connections, Inc.

In-Person Meetings

Some birth parents want to meet potential adoptive parents in person, rather than over the phone. If you work with a local Maryland adoption agency, this is much more likely. And even if you don’t choose to meet the adoptive parents and even if you opt for a closed adoption, “what if you decide at some point to meet the family and the child later in life?” asks Dean Kirschner, Ph.D., LCSW-C. “ There is a better chance of that if the family is local or closer.”

Familiar with State Laws

Local Maryland agencies are licensed and reviewed annually by the state government. This also means that local agencies are intimately familiar with state laws.

Adoption Makes Family, a Local Maryland Adoption Agency

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