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Dear Birth Parents

Dear Birth Parents,

Our journey started in 2011, two years after the passing of our biological son, Brayden. We had reached the point where we knew we were ready to move forward and reach for our dreams of growing our family.

One evening, we were sitting at home finishing dinner when the phone rang. Caller ID read “Adoption Makes Family” which always made us excited to answer. Upon answering it was Dr. Dean along with a birthmother and her mother on the line. The next thing we knew, the four of us were sharing family morals, values, traditions and what the meaning of family is to us. A few weeks later we all met face-to-face and instantly knew we were all brought together for the future of this unborn child.

On October 21, 2012, our dreams became a reality when our son Jaiyden was brought into this world. Our family and the birth family have become one for eternity. We have been joined together through our love for Jaiyden. 

Jaiyden is two months old and is the light of our lives. This holiday season was filled with many firsts. Thanksgiving was a day to reflect on how appreciative we are for the miracle that has joined our family. Christmas was full of family hugs and kisses and allowed us to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.

We can never express enough to the birth family how much we appreciate the most selfless act that they gave their son. Over these two months, the letters and pictures that we all exchange have brought us even closer together.

We have promised to provide for Jaiyden a loving household full of honesty, trust and never ending love.


Justin & Whitney & Jaiyden

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