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A Letter from a Birth Mother to Her Son

This birth mother found herself confronted with an unplanned pregnancy and created an adoption plan through Adoption Makes Family.   With her permission, this letter she wrote to her son is reprinted here.

Dear Donovan and family,

I’m struggling over how to begin this letter to someone whom I hope will allow me back into his life one day with the understanding that what I did for him was good.  I’ve struggled for almost two years on what to write. Then it dawned on me one day that I don’t need to script out what I want/need to tell you. It should come from the heart. I want you to know that having you was a real wake up call for me. When I found out that I was pregnant with you (my third pregnancy). At that moment I knew that I wanted so much more for you. Not that I didn’t want more for my oldest two. I just knew that keeping you wouldn’t have been fair to all three of you.  I knew that creating an adoption plan would have been the best thing I could’ve done for you.

I remember the day I gave birth to you as if it were yesterday.  Once my water broke, you were ready to come in to this world. I was only in the hospital for about an hour before you were born.   You were very feisty like your sister. Neither one of you wanted to be bothered by the nurses as they checked your vitals. I still think about that moment today and get the giggles.  The night I had you, I meet your parents. For me never have meeting them before that night I felt so close to them. We bonded, we cried, then came the moment where I wanted to see you with them. It was picture perfect. You just fit so well with them. At that moment I knew I choose the perfect family for you.

Today, two years later, I find myself finally getting on the right path. I’m working for Baltimore County Public Schools. I work in the office tempting at different schools in the County. I now have my own vehicle.  And soon I’ll be enrolling back into school so I can earn a degree in Early Childhood Education. Your brother, Angel, is getting ready to transition/graduate from Pre-K and start Kindergarten in the fall. Gabrielle, she as well in transitioning into Pre-K. They’re both very excited because now they’ll be in “big kid” school.

I hope this letter finds you in great toddler spirits, I just ask that you do me one favor. Give your mommy and daddy a big hug and kiss for me and tell them I said “Thank you!”.

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