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How to Talk to Children About Placing a Second Child for Adoption

placing a second child for adoption

Reading adoption-themed books is a great way to introduce the idea of adoption to your young child.

Are you thinking about placing a second child (or third, fourth, etc.) for adoption? You are not alone. Placing a second child for adoption is a choice that many mothers make. It’s a brave decision that will benefit your unborn child. In the meantime, it’s important to gently discuss your big decision with your children. The key is to speak in a language that children understand and to tell them just enough that they can understand the concept. The most important point to explain is that even though your child will be raised by a different mother and father, you will always be your child’s mother and your children will always be your child’s siblings. Your adoption counselor can work with you find the best way to explain adoption to your children. Here are a few other ways you can connect with your children about adoption.

Watch Adoption Movies

Many children’s movies have an adoption theme. Children’s movies are a great way to broach the subject of adoption. They put adoption into simple terms that a child can understand. Great movies that have adoption themes include The Land Before Time, Hotel for Dogs, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and Angels in the Outfield. You can also search online for other adoption movies that you feel are suited for your child’s age.

Read Adoption Books

We’ve talked before about how books are a great way to communicate complicated ideas to children in a language they understand. A great book to read when placing a second child for adoption is “Sam’s Sister” by Juliet C. Bond. This story is in the perspective of a young girl whose mother places her younger brother for adoption. The tone of the book is positive and reassuring, which makes it well-suited for young children who are going through a similar experience of the main character.

Involve Your Children in the Adoption Process

This step may be beneficial for your children if you feel it is appropriate. You can involve your child in the process of choosing an adoptive family for your second child. Your child can help you to look through birth parent books and can even meet the birth parents. This process can be reassuring to a child who wants to make sure their sibling grows up in a wonderful home.

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