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Benefits of Open Adoption

When you have decided to choose adoption for your child, you will have the option between open or closed adoptions. Deciding which is the best option might feel like a difficult decision, especially if you do not know the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Your first step should be to talk with an adoption agency. Adoption Makes Family is dedicated to helping you evaluate your situation and your feelings and find the right option for you. Here are the benefits of why an Open Adoption could be a good fit for you and your baby.

 An Open Adoption allows birth parents and adoptive parents to continue a relationship after the baby is born. There are many reasons why a family might want to consider this growing trend. Adoption Makes Family understands the needs of both birth parents and adoptive parents in a manner that is sensitive, compassionate and personal. Our staff works with all of our clients to weigh these factors and determine if open adoption is right for them.

First Steps

The journey toward an open adoption begins when birth parents review letters from prospective adoptive parents. They are able to choose their baby’s new home in consultation with Adoption Makes Family’s staff. We are supportive of any option our birth and adoptive families decide to go with.

Many birth families choose to meet adoptive families before the baby is born, which is a great first step toward starting a relationship after the baby is born. Once the baby is born, birth parents and adoptive parents create a plan for communication that suits their needs. Adoption Makes Family will assist with this process in a way that is understanding and flexible.

Open Options

An open adoption looks different for every family. Some choose to see each other on a regular basis, while others stay in touch on social media, over the phone or other remote communications. At its most basic level, an open adoption can mean the birth parents receive photos of their child as he or she gets older. The decision about which approach to take depends on logistics such as how close the birth parents and adoptive parents live to each other and the parents’ preferences on both sides. The terms of an adoption do not need to stay the same for the child’s entire life and can change over time as needed.

Peace of Mind

Birth parents who have open adoptions receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is being cared for in a safe and loving home. You have the opportunity to watch your child grow up and play a role in their life by meeting with the adoptive family or staying connected in other ways.

For adoptive parents, an open adoption allows for honesty with the child about his or her birth parents. It removes the layer of secrecy that sometimes shrouds an adoption. Seeing the birth parents or having regular communication with them will encourage dialogue within the adoptive family and reduce the confusion that may arise as the child gets older.

A Larger Family

Children in open adoptions receive the benefit of a larger support network. There can be great benefit to a child knowing that so many people love and care about him or her. Parents also can create lasting connections that may continue long after the child grows up.

Putting Children First

The structure of an open adoption may need to change as children get older. Birth parents and adoptive parents should be receptive to the child’s needs and be willing to modify plans. As children grow and mature, they may begin to feel differently about maintaining contact with birth parents. It is important to listen to them ensure that their feelings are being considered.

Adoption Makes Family provides counseling services to our families for as long as they are needed. If circumstances change, we will be happy to work with birth parents and adoptive parents to find a new solution that will work for everyone.

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