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What Factors Might a Birth Mother Consider When Selecting an Adoptive Family?

Selecting an Adoptive Family

Selecting an adoptive family is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the adoption plan. As the birth mother, you want the best for your child.

Choosing adoption is the toughest decision a birth mother will ever have to make. Selecting an adoptive family, meanwhile, is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the adoption plan. You are able to choose the family that best fits your dreams for your child’s future.

As the birth mother, you want the very best for your child – a loving and caring adoptive family.  So  what  factors should you consider? You want to make sure your child has the very best life he/she can have. You want your baby to be safe. You want your baby to be happy. You want your baby to be loved. So where do you start?

Adoption Makes Family, a non-profit (501-C3), licensed adoption agency based in Maryland, operates a 24/7 pregnancy hotline where you can explore your thoughts and feelings with a caring and compassionate counselor in a confidential, safe, and non-judgmental environment. We will start where you are, listening to your specific questions and responding to your individual needs.

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Creating an adoption plan involves finding A Family who is highly screened.  They have been found to be emotionally and financially prepared to raise a child.   You choose which family is best for your child. Adoption Makes Family will ask you what you are looking for in an adoptive family and develop a specific profile to meet your wishes. If you so desire, you can even meet with prospective adoptive parents.

Factors a Birth Parent Might Consider When Selecting an Adoptive Family

What do birth parents or look for in adoptive parents?  Your wishes are very personal and specific to you. We respect that and will work to meet your wishes as you select the perfect adoptive family you’re your baby. Below are just a few factors you may find important:

  • Open vs Closed Adoption: Some birth mothers/fathers wish to remain a part of their child’s life via letters and pictures through an open adoption. This means that information may be shared between birth and adoptive parents. The degree of openness depends on your wishes and is one factor to consider. Not every adoptive family wants an open adoption.
  • Location: For some birth parents, finding a local family may be important, especially in an open adoption. Some birth parents prefer to have the child placed with a family who lives farther away.
  • Family Makeup: Some birth parents want to place their baby in a two-person household (heterosexual or same-sex couple). For others, a single parent placement may be suitable. Some birth parents may prefer to place their baby with a family that already has children. Others want their child to be the adoptive family’s first child. It really depends on your personal preferences.
  • Religion: For some, religion can be an important factor. You may want your child to grow up with the same customs and religious traditions that you had as a child.
  • Race: For some, race can also play a factor Some birth parents want  to place their baby with a family where at least one of the parents shares the same race as the child.

Each family adopting through Adoption Makes Family must submit to extensive background checks and a thorough home visit to assure that they will be able to provide the child with a safe, supportive, and loving environment.

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Each adoptive family also creates a scrapbook and a “Dear Birth Parent” letter that will give you an idea about their family. Birth parents will also have the opportunity to ask further questions and develop a relationship with the adoptive family during a personal meeting before the birth of the child.

Remember, you are not alone. Adoption Makes Family is here to help!

We are here to help birth parents as you consider what option will be the best for you and your baby when selecting an adoptive family. If you have any questions or wish to start the adoption process, you can contact us by e-mail – or use our online contact form.  You may also use the Text button at the upper left hand corner of your screen.

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