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What is a Home Study?

home study

Your social worker will visit you in your home to learn about your hopes and dreams for the adoption.

After you have completed your adoption application, you will be visited by a social worker for a home study. This is when your social worker will observe your home life to determine your reasons for adopting, your plans for your future family, and other pertinent information relevant to the adoption. This happens after you have read an instruction manual and submitted paperwork to your social worker. The entire process will give us a better idea of what kind of adoptive parents you will be so that we can match children with adoptive parents accordingly. It will also provide you with further education on the adoption process.

Why is a Home Study Performed?

Home studies are an effective way for adoption agencies to screen potential adoptive families as well as provide counseling on the emotional process of welcoming a new child to your home. It’s important to remember that adoption agencies are looking for reasons to rule families in rather than rule them out. Home studies connect adoptive families with their counselors to ensure that the entire adoption process runs smoothly from the beginning onwards.

How Long Does a Home Study Last?

Home studies conducted by Adoption Makes Family can last up to 90 days after the adoptive family has submitted all of their documents. There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out, so the sooner you begin working on your home study, the better. Home studies may seem to take forever to complete, especially when you are eager to begin raising your family. Even though the process is lengthy, a home study is a great way to make sure you are fully prepared for the challenges ahead. It’s also a great way for us to ensure that your hopes and dreams for the future of your child coincide with the hopes and dreams of the birth parents. Taking the time to do a home study now is a great way to foster strong, healthy relationships in the future.

Want More Help? We Are Here For You!

Adoption Makes Family is here to help! We are a non-profit (501-C3) licensed adoption agency based in Maryland. Our birth parent adoption counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. If you would like our advice or just need to talk, please give us a call at any time.

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If you have any questions about how to create your adoption plan, you can contact us by e-mail – – or use our online contact form. Adoption Makes Family was founded to meet the needs of birth parents and adoptive parents in a manner that is sensitive, compassionate, and personal.

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