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Will My Adoption Agency Help Cover My Medical Expenses?

When using an adoption agency to plan your adoption, there are a number of benefits included. Most of your medical expenses will usually be covered by the agency or by the adoptive parents whom you have chosen. Every state has laws that may vary slightly. In most states, the adoptive parents will cover your medical expenses, including copays for doctor visits or hospital stays. There are a number of different situations in which the family adopting the child may cover some medical expenses.

You Have Medical Insurance

If you already have insurance and are only paying copays for your doctor or hospital visits, most agencies will help you set up an agreement with the adoptive parents in order to help cover those medical expenses. Having a baby is expensive—you likely already know this. It requires you to visit the doctor often and in some circumstances, you might find yourself in and out of the hospital. These copays and deductibles can add up over time, especially if you are young and not well established.

This system is set up so that you are able to have the medical care that you and the baby need in order to stay healthy, even if you do not personally have the funds to cover those appointments and visits. The family adopting the child will want the child to get as high quality care as possible, so they will generally be perfectly happy to pay for that care. The law says only if a mother has an illness that prevents her from working and the illness is expressly due to pregnancy.

You Do Not Have Insurance

If you do not currently have medical insurance, your adoption agency will either help you find appropriate insurance. They will make sure that you are enrolled in Medicaid or a similar program so that your medical costs are covered. Again, covering your medical expenses will again come down to the adoptive parents, even if you do not have insurance. Depending on the type of enrolled program, there may still be copays or deductibles, which the adoptive parents would cover.

You Cannot Enroll in Medicaid

Some medical fees can be covered if the birth mother applies for adoption assistance in the hospital. In this instance, the medical expenses will often be left to the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents would reimburse or cover entirely any medical/legal fees that you have after revocation.

In general, both the adoption agency and adoptive parents are very understanding of the fact that many birth parents cannot manage their medical expenses on their own. Especially when it comes to nine months of doctor visits and a delivery. Because your adoption agency and the adoptive parents want you and the baby to be as healthy as possible, provisions are made to ensure that all necessary medical bills are covered. This is very common and is something that adoptive parents expect when they work with an adoption agency.

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