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How long does it take to adopt a baby?

Probably the most common question I am asked when people inquire about adoption is how long does the process take? The honest answer is, I have no idea.

I can tell you that the home study process is almost completely dependent on the Prospective Adoptive Family (PAF).  Once the PAF sends in the home study application and fee to Adoption Makes Family, the home study documents are unlocked through our website.  The PAF then has five (5) months to complete all of the paperwork and submit them to the Agency.  Once we have all of the documents, the law allows us 90 days to complete the home study.  I have had PAFs complete the home study documents in just a few weeks and I have had situations where PAFs take over a year.

As for the placement phase of the adoption, there is just no predicting how long that will take.  Several factors are in play.  First, we must wait for a call from birth parents who are looking to create an adoption plan.  We have many outreach programs going on and the Agency’s name is well circulated around Maryland and on the Internet.  We network with hospitals, clinics, schools and many different types of media all across the state of Maryland.

Once birth parents contact Adoption Makes Family, we inquire about what type of family the birth parents are seeking for their adoption plan.  We meet with the birth parents to learn more about them and understand their very personal adoption journey. Â

A family could be waiting just a day and birth parents call for a family that is a perfect match for the new family.  Other situations may be that a family is waiting for a long time because there is not a match between the PAF criteria and the birthparents’ wishes. On the other hand, if the PAF has particular criteria for an adoption plan, it may be longer to find birth parents who fit those criteria.

The next question asked by many PAFs.  What can be done to shorten the waiting time?  The answer: take a look at the criteria you have selected for your adoption plan.  Be sure your criteria are not so limiting that very few birth parents would fit into your criteria.

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