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Helping Your Adopted Child Connect to Their Cultural Heritage, Part 2

transcultural adoption

Reading books with characters from the same birth culture as your child’s is great for boosting feelings of confidence and acceptance.

Our last blog offered suggestions for raising your adopted child in two cultures: your culture and your child’s culture. This is such a deep and involved process that we extended our blog into two parts. Raising an adopted child from another culture requires constant dedication, passion, and determination. You are your child’s guiding light as they grow into adulthood. Even the small care you take in the day-to-day process of raising your child can have a positive effect on their development. Here are a few more suggestions to help you after you’ve made the decision to adopt transculturally.

Read Books Together

All too often, non-Caucasian children do not see any representation of their own various birth cultures in media. Being constantly exposed to a single, monolithic culture can make children feel excluded and undervalued. Show your children how valuable they are by reading books to them that have main characters who are from their birth culture. This goes for other media as well, like television and movies. Seeing a hero who has the same color skin can give your child a wonderful boost in confidence.

Foster Relationships with Others from Your Child’s Birth Culture

Having role models in books and on television will have a positive effect on your child. However, having a role model in real life will benefit your child even more. Look throughout your community for people who have the same cultural or ethnic heritage as your child. This can include teachers, coaches, pediatricians, hairdressers, and other members of your community. You can foster relationships with other parents who are from your child’s birth culture and set up play dates for their children and your child. Having peers and role models from the same birth culture as your child will foster feelings of inclusion. You can even opt to send your child to a Culture Camp over the summer. Culture Camps are run by various different parent associations. They’re design to gather adopted children from the same cultures and expose them to activities and events from their birth cultures. This is a great way to help your child become familiar with their birth culture. It’s also a great way to help your child create friendships.

Celebrate Differences

The world can sometimes be a hard place that’s difficult for children who are different from their peers. Your family can celebrate differences to help your child feel confident in themselves. Empower your children by telling them how beautiful they are and supporting them when they’re different. You can also create a tolerance for different cultures by introducing them into your home. Eat foods from cultures that are across the world, learn a new language, or travel to new places. Your adopted child will learn that all cultures, including theirs, are beautiful.

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