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Dear Chad and Mary (Adoptive Parents)

Can you believe Lisa is a week old already? I think we’re going to have to find a way to slow time down! I have been thinking about you guys a lot this past week and just checking up seeing how things are going. I am sure you are tired, but excited to be new parents!

I also wanted to make sure I let the both of you know how overwhelmed with love and joy I have been towards you! I can’t thank you enough for taking our little girl in and loving and raising her as your very own. This sort of situation isn’t one you can really mentally prepare yourself for because you don’t know exactly what to expect until it happens. I found it extremely hard to leave the hospital because I could not fathom the thought of leaving her there by herself with just the nurses. When Dr. Dean finally told me she was with her new mom and dad, I found it peaceful to finally be able to sleep!

The thought of changing my mind hasn’t occurred to me once! When Lisa first looked at me, instantly she had me wrapped around her little finger and I just knew right then and there that I was doing the best thing for her. Seeing the both of you at the hospital also reassured me how right this was – seeing the love and excitement you two have for her.

Mary: You have so much energy and life in you that I know you were meant to be a mom. I have so much faith in you that I know Lisa is going to be a wonderful young lady. If she does cheerleading (which I know she will at least try it with both of us being cheerleaders) you must give her my best support for me!

Chad: When we first met you, you were shaking when we asked you to be our baby’s adoptive father. Later that day, we went home and I cried to Dave because I knew just how perfect Lisa was going to have it. I never had my dad around much growing up and I know she’s going to have the father that I never had, but wanted. She is going to have a father to stand behind her, support her, love her, and be there no matter what.

I pray for the two of you and Lisa every night before I go to bed. I really feel that this was part of God’s plan for us to find you guys and be together to share this experience. I look forward to seeing Lisa grow up through pictures and look forward to hearing from you! We’re gonna become close. I don’t at all worry because I have enough faith and trust that you are going to do a great job at taking care of the little angel who stole our

Thank you again so much!


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