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I just delivered my baby. Is it too late to create an adoption plan?

Most people think of adoption as a decision that is made during the pregnancy. It is usually something that birth parents start to consider as soon as the woman discovers she is pregnant. But pregnancy, especially an unplanned pregnancy, can be a very busy and confusing time. You might decide not to make any decisions about whether to keep your baby or give him up until after you have given birth. Other women will decide long before they give birth, but in reality, every birth parent only makes the decision to put the child up for adoption after they have given birth. Even if they have an adoption plan, they can decide against that plan up until they have signed the papers.

That said, it is possible to create an adoption plan after you have already given birth. Only if you are looking for a private placement adoption is it usually necessary to create an adoption plan before giving birth. In fact, even after you have given birth, you can still look for a couple or a single person who is looking to adopt. When you decide to work with an agency, after delivering your baby is just as viable a time to create your adoption plan as before you give birth.

The first step is to make the decision that you want to put your child up for adoption. This is a decision you might not be ready to make or might not be sure of until after delivering your baby. While making this decision, think about your finances, if you will have the support of your family in raising a child, and if you are ready to be a parent. Once you have made your decision, get in contact with an adoption agency. Working with an agency is usually the best way to find a placement for the child that you know will give that child a fully and happy life. The benefit of working with an adoption agency is that they evaluate adoptive parents, usually through a rigorous background check and interview process, in order to make sure that they are good candidates for adopting a child.

The adoption plan usually consists of a questionnaire that helps the agency understand you, your situation, and what you are looking for when it comes to prospective parents for your baby. When you choose Adoption Makes Family, this questionnaire can be done on your own time, or we can do the questionnaire with you when you visit us.

During this time, you will likely also want to meet with a counselor. A counselor will be integral to making sure that your adoption plan meets your needs. We know how stressful this time can be. A counselor listens to your concerns and answers your questions, without judgment. Often, the counselor will sit in on meetings with prospective adoptive parents, help you review their profiles, and help you select the one that will be right for your child.

It is not too late to think about giving your child as full and as stable life as possible. Many women mistakenly believe that if they do not make an adoption plan while they are pregnant, they cannot make one after they have delivered. This is simply not true. Even if your baby has already been born, you can still create an adoption plan that meets your needs and ensures the child is placed with the best family.

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