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Adoption Plan Process

Generally, a birth mother and father make their decision about adoption during a birth mother’s pregnancy. However, at Adoption Makes Family, we understand that a pregnancy can be an extremely stressful situation. A birth mother and father may not feel as though they can make a decision concerning adoption during the pregnancy.  The birth mother and father may be so overwhelmed that they put the decision aside, trying to avoid the difficult decision all together. Fortunately, adoption services are available during the pregnancy and after a child is born. There are many times when Adoption Makes Family has been called by a birth parent right from the hospital to assist in creating an adoption plan for a baby just born.

A birth mother who has already given birth will still go through the same steps in deciding to create an adoption plan as she would were she were still pregnant. As with any major decision, it is vitally important for a birth mother and father to consider all variables. What is their financial situation? Do they have the emotional and financial support of family to assist them? Are they ready to be a parent – sometimes a single parent? Contacting an adoption agency as early on as possible will serve to be a huge help. Working with an adoption counselor at the adoption agency can help process these questions.  Once the decision to create an adoption plan is made, a birth parent’s next step is to work with the adoption agency to select an adoptive family.

A birth mother may have to make the adoption decision alone since a birth father is not involved.  This added stress is addressed as a part of the adoption process, allowing a birth mother to receive additional support in helping her make an informed adoption decision.

Creating an Adoption Plan

At whatever point birth parents decide to explore an adoption plan, a birth mother or birth mother and father starts working with an agency such as Adoption Makes Family to create an adoption plan. The first step is to fill out our intake questionnaire. This helps us get to know the birth mother and birth father if he is involved, their situation, and what they are looking for in prospective adoptive parents. An agency counselor will also meet with the birth mother and birth father to ensure that their needs are being met and their concerns are being addressed. If the birth father is not involved, the meetings will be with the birth mother alone.

An advantage to starting the adoption process before the baby is born is that there is more time to select an adoptive family.  To assist a birth mother and father in selecting an adoptive family, the agency’s counselors will start by helping the birth parents review profiles of potential adoptive parents.  Then, if the birth mother and father wish to have a face-to-face meeting with the potential adoptive family, the agency counselor will set up and assist in making that meeting happen.

The decision to create an adoption plan is certainly stressful and filled with doubt and uncertainty.  Adoption Makes Family is committed to assisting birth parents make the decision that is best for the birth parents and their baby – whether the decision is made during the pregnancy or after the baby is born.

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