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Birth Mother: The Benefits of Selecting a Local Adoption Family

 Local Adoption FamilyOne of the toughest decisions a birth mother makes is creating an adoption plan. This is quickly followed by another tough decision – who do I trust to raise my child? The process for selecting an adoption family is unique to each birth mother and her wants and needs. So, before making any decision, ask yourself a few questions:

    • Do I want an open or closed adoption?
    • If I want an open adoption, how much contact do I want with my child?
    • Do I want to meet prospective adoptive parents?
    • If I choose a closed adoption, is there ever a chance that I might want to meet my child or the adoption family later in life?

“Perhaps the most important thing to consider when envisioning your child’s life is where you fit,” says birth mother and contributor Haley Kirkpatrick. “Do you see yourself directly involved in his or her life? Do you speak on the phone regularly? Do you only communicate through letters? Do you even communicate at all?”

The adoption specialists at Adoption Makes Family are here to help you explore your feelings and answer these difficult questions. We are a non-profit (501-C3) licensed adoption agency based in Maryland. Our experienced professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and counsel you so that you make the best decisions for your future. We simply want what is best for you and your baby, whatever outcome that may be.

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“Whichever scenario you imagine for your child can become reality when you choose an adoptive family that best matches the adoption plan that you set for you and your child,” says Kirkpatrick.

No matter which scenario you see for you and your child, one thing remains constant – a local adoption agency can be a tremendous benefit.

Why Choosing a Local Adoption Agency Makes a Difference

“If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, there are lots of agencies to choose from all over the country,” says Jessie McNaughton, Family Connections, Inc. “Working with a small, local adoption agency rather than a large out-of-state agency has many benefits.”

Meeting Local Adoptive Families

Most birth parents want to have some say in who adopts their child. And choosing a local adoption agency allows you to do this on a much more intimate level:

  1. Screening: Local adoption agencies are able to screen local adoptive parents themselves, using both a detailed Application and Home Study. This allows for more carefully and effectively matched birth and adoptive parents.
  2. Face-to-Face Meeting: When working with a local adoption agency, birth parents are able to meet potential adoptive parents face-to-face. This allows birth and adoptive parents to connect in a way that just isn’t possible online or over the phone.

Close Proximity

An Open Adoption allows birth parents and adoptive parents to continue a relationship after the baby is born. Now, as we have said before, the degree of “openness” can differ greatly from adoption to adoption.

“If the birth mother chooses an open adoption, the child and adoptive parents go to another state far away which makes the open relationship more difficult,” says Anita Stevens, Family Connections, Inc.

Selecting a local adoption family ensures your child remains close. While some national adoption agencies have local offices, local adoption agencies typically serve a specific geographic location, such as a particular county, state or region.

“In an open adoption, this makes visits easier,” says McNaughton. “Depending on what level of openness you desire in the adoption, this can be fantastic. Placing your child with a family a town, a county, or a short drive away can provide you with peace of mind.”

Even if you decide on a closed adoption, it is nice to choose a local family, explains Dr. Kirschner. “What if you decide at some point to meet the family and the child later in life? There is a better chance of that if the family is local or closer.”


The professionals at Adoption Makes Family have many years of experience in adoption services, helping couples and singles explore their options for creating or growing their family. We are a non-profit (501-C3) licensed adoption agency based in Maryland.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone at 410-683-2100, by e-mail at or use our online contact form.

Adoption Makes Family was founded to meet the needs of birth parents and adoptive parents in a manner that is sensitive, compassionate, and personal.


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